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Corporate Services

Planning business travel can put an unnecessary burden upon both your company and your employees. Even with the best of intentions, company made arrangements translate into time and money wasted due to expediency, lack of knowledge and lack of negotiating power.
Skye Travel Corp is your travel advocate to insure that arrangements are made with your business' needs in mind, minimizing unnecessary expenditures, squandered time and overall frustration. Skye Travel Corp is ready to offer your business the smartest solutions and an abundance of added benefits.

  • Travel Management
  • One Stop Shopping
  • Lowest Fare Monitoring
  • Preferred Seat Improvement
  • Unused Ticket Tracking
  • Personal Preference Profiles
  • Travel Policy Management
  • Travel Budget Management
  • Monthly Travel Reports
  • Upgrades (if available with frequent flyer status)
  • Problem resolutions

Monthly Corporate Reporting

With travel and entertainment being the second largest expense for many corporate companies, policy compliance and business travel cost control are major priorities! At Skye Travel Corp, we can help your company achieve measurable cost compression using our SKYE TRAVEL CORP suite of products. These products can help your business reduce its travel-related operational costs, improve compliance with your travel policy and boost the overall efficiency of your travel for the long term.
Accurate and efficient travel reservations

Time is money and Skye Travel Corp understands that. From the moment the email arrives with the travel request or the phone call , Skye Travel Corp will complete the transaction with optimism, care, accuracy, and efficiency.
Automatic upgrade requests for high status frequent flyer members

Corporate Travelers work hard to obtain the travel perks that airlines offer and with that being said, Skye Travel Corp knows that YOU deserve the best treatment. If a certain seat on an airplane makes your trip more pleasurable and comfortable, then we will do our best to make certain that seat is YOURS for your travel duration.