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ENZA PALUMBO, Travel Consultant
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JACKIE SMITH, Travel Consultant
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Customer/Client Testimonials

Deb Blouin -

OK, so who has a travel agent that calls AFTER the vacation is all booked and settled and says "guess what!! I just scored you another deal! Money off and a better room view!" Um ya, this girl does!!! Best Travel Agent EVAH!!!


JoAnne Tomko

I would highly recommend Stacy and Skye Travel!  I have booked group cruises over the last few years for a girls get away weekend with Skye Travel.  Stacy has been wonderful to work with!  She takes the stress off of me with being able to work with all the personalities in the group and handle all of the questions and concerns!  Also, she has been great with day of travel issues!  Her bubbly personality and kind words were able to relax our stressed out travelers!  She also has done a wonderful job with our family vacations!  Can't wait to talk to her again to plan my next vacation!!!

Thanks for all your hard work Stacy!  Your Rock!

Tosun, Istanbul


Stacy, you are an amazing person. I cannot find words for you. You are the most remarkable person I have ever worked with. You have the lightning speed. I hope I can meet you sometime in the near future. I hope you can come to Istanbul soon. Thanks for this information and stay well. Best regards, Tosun.

Melissa LaSalle

Hi Stacy!

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much fun we had at the RIU in Montego Bay! The property was as gorgeous as the pictures online! Plus the staff was super friendly and so good to us. It was the perfect trip to escape the cold! We tried the Japanese restaurant as you recommended and it was delicious. The steak house was great as well. The only one we didn't get to was the Italian restaurant. Our big joke all week was how good the bread and breadsticks were in the buffet. hahaha!  The weather was 80's and sunny for almost the entire day every day. Perfect!
Thank you so much for all your help in getting us there and your wonderful planning expertise!! 

Denis Gagne, Eastern Propane
"What's exceptional customer service – captivating and fulfilling customer needs and wishes.
That's what Skye Travel Corp delivers to their individual and corporate customers."




Don Bustamante, VP Sales - EXACOM


"May 21st, 2012
In my role as Vice President of Sales at EXACOM, I travel extensively. My travel includes destinations as diverse as Honolulu, Florida, Maine, Texas, Chicago, Washington D.C., Oregon and some international as well. Through it all Skye Travel has been my go to travel service provider. In this day and age, anyone can book travel on the internet but it takes more than the internet to be a true expert. Skye Travel does a great job of managing my travel needs while making sure that rates are fair and reasonable. This lets me focus my time and attention on my work and leave the travel planning to the experts at Skye Travel."

Pauline C.,CT



Thank you! At this point we are back from our cruise.

You are so awesome!Thank you for saving us. It did rain the whole time but we made the best of it.
I am thinking of taking some other mini vacation this year. Not a cruise though. I will save the next cruise for next year.

Thank you so much for saving the day!!!!!!!!!!!!! You moved so fast. It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! You know your stuff that is for sure!!!!!!!! You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda Tolios-Weare, NH


"Back on February 8th 2012 was the beginning of our vacation planning. We wanted to travel to somewhere warm and sunny. Stacy Mehlhorn a representative of Skye Travel Corp. sent my son information on a trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

The resort looked beautiful. Pictures of the beach's white sand and clear aqua water looked surreal.
Stacy supplied all the information we needed to make the decision to go.

She booked Iberostar Resort for 7 nights all inclusive, round trip with US Air and transportation to and from DR airport.

March 18th we landed in Punta Cana and everything Stacy said about this resort was true.

Our rooms were clean, the staff friendly and entertaining, the beach was picture perfect. There was plenty to do or not do if that's what you chose.

I enjoyed relaxing on the beach, enjoying the sun and swimming in the warm water. My son was involved with some of the planned activities the staff set up each day. He enjoyed playing Dominican bowling and of course volleyball on the beach. The plan allowed us to choose 3 nights at very nice restaurants within the resort and the other nights were buffet.

The food was excellent and plenty of it.

I could not ask for a better vacation. Stacy and Skye Travel Corp. made it easy for us; planning and booking it all."


Kelly Black, Manchester, NH
"I would highly recommend Skye Travel to anyone who is looking to go on vacation and not have the stress of researching the details. Stacy, in a matter of hours, was able to put together a package that met all the needs that I expressed and a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Stacy was professional, quick to communicate and thorough!"



John Beaudoin, Rochester, NH
"In working with Stacy, she took my travel priorities and she quickly offered me several very good options to choose from. Her response time was fantastic whenever I had any questions about either the process or the travel arrangements. Stacy is very professional and knowledgeable. She makes planning travel easy & fun."


Julie, Contour Design


"So easy, so seamless. Perfect Service - but that's all I've ever know from you! Thank you!" - Julie @ Contour Design